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  • Subscriptions

    Whether it’s automatically charging credit cards or sending recurring invoices, Paid makes it easy to automate your billing.

    Paid goes beyond fixed-fee billing, allowing you to automate the most complex pricing models.

    Don’t waste time chasing down customers for payments. Paid collects and processes any payment method right on the electronic invoice.

  • Metered Billing

    Paid is built to support the most complex pricing models. Easily send invoices that are optimized for getting paid.

    Your business is unique and requires a unique billing solution. Paid supports many types of metered billing, ensuring that you can fully automate your billing.

    When you bill the same customers every month but the amount varies, Paid makes it easy to automate with Metered Subscriptions.

  • Payments & Collections

    Accept any payment method with the click of a button. Customize available payment methods on a per customer and per invoice level. Encourage payments with lower fees, enabling your business to increase your margins.

    Never deal with checks again! Have them sent to our secure lockbox and we’ll scan them, attach them to the invoice, deposit them into your back account and mark the invoice as paid.

    Easily collect and display purchase orders right on the invoice, decreasing the amount of back and forth and getting you paid faster.

    Paid can automatically line up ACH, Check, Credit Card and Paypal payments to invoices, saving you time and money.

    We make sure you get paid with optimized reminder emails to your customers.

  • Accounting & Reporting

    Have full transparency for each customer. Know exactly how much you are owed and how much has been paid.

    Whether it's line-items or aging reports, you can easily generate and export data from Paid.

    Generate custom reports specific to your accountant's needs. Easily update any accounting software.

  • Insights

    What’s your cashflow? What’s supposed to come in this month? What needs to be recouped? See all you need to know at a glance.

    Create and share custom reports that can be used for accounting, board meetings, number crunching, etc.

    Paid keeps you in the loop, providing regular updates on your account.

  • API

    Paid was built to automate and scale. With Paid, you can automatically create and send invoices, accept any method, reconcile each payment and send optimized collections emails.

    With a simple integration, you can easily manage your Accounts Receivable. Whether it's 10 invoices or 10,000 invoices a month, Paid helps you scale.

    Paid has a team of integration specialists, ready to help you get a custom integration up and running in a matter of hours, not days or weeks. Our docs and help center provide many code samples and integration guides to help you get started.

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