Release 3/24

Templates, PDF Attachments, Check Service Improvements

We know it\’s been quiet, but it doesn\’t mean we haven\’t been busy!

Paid has been working behind the scenes to make improvements to our architecture. That means faster, more reliable invoicing for you. We\’ve also made some great improvements to our Check Service (see more below)!

Finally, we\’re working tirelessly on a new dashboard! We\’re getting close to releasing a beta version to a few select customers. If you\’d like to help us kick the tires with a new UI, shoot us an email at

Here\’s what\’s been updated on Paid these past couple weeks:

Handlebar Templates in Invoice Summaries (beta)
Paid wants to make sure you can customize your customer\’s experience. We are releasing a beta version of handlebars.js templating. \”Templating\” gives you the ability to pull in data from other sources. For example, you can reference transactions and their metadata in your invoice summaries. You could create a single template that looks different on each invoice because it\’s using different data.

This feature is our first stab at templatizing. Expect more in the future! We\’ll be releasing guides for this as the beta continues, but we\’re happy to help you implement today! So if you want in on the beta, give us a shout at

Attaching PDFs to Invoice Issue Emails (beta)
You asked. We delivered. Now you have the option to enable (on a customer level) the \”Attach PDFs to Emails\” feature. Right now, it only works for Issue emails. You can also turn this setting on by default in your account settings.

A few things to keep in mind though:

  • If you issue an invoice with a PDF attachment and then you update that invoice in Paid, the PDF is now \”stale.\” You should let your customers know that the most accurate version of the invoice is on
  • Issue emails will take longer to send. It takes time to generate PDFs, so bare with us and we\’ll make sure it gets out ASAP. (We\’re talking generally a few seconds delay from normal.)

Check Service Improvements
Did you know Paid can receive, reconcile and deposit checks for you? That\’s right. We take those pesky pieces of paper and those annoying trips to the bank off your hands!

While that\’s not news to some of you, what is news is we have made some internal improvement greatly increasing our throughput (meaning even faster deposit times!).

If you haven\’t already signed up for our check service, give us a shout today by emailing We\’d love to tell you more!