Release 02-25-16

Payments, metadata, communications improvements


When viewing an invoice on the dashboard you will now see a section listing the payments associated with this invoice


After your customer initiates a payment that you need to manually clear you will see it on the invoice page of the dashboard with options to mark the payment as paid, failed, or cancel the payment.

NOTE: These actions are not available for payments made via Stripe, EasyACH, or Paypal, as we will automatically update their status once the payment has cleared.

When a customer views a paid or pending invoice they will now see a section listing their payments along with the status.


Metadata for invoices is now displayed on the dashboard. Find it on an invoice page below \’Communications\’

Communication Failed Notices

Previously, there was \’clicked\’, \’delivered\’, and \’opened\’ statuses on Communcations. Now we have added \’failed\’ and \’retrying\’ for when communications do not send properly.

Importing Customers, Transactions, and Plans

Now you can import customers, transactions, and plan data directly do your Paid account. Using CSVs in the correct format, this process is very quick and can greatly ease onboarding. To start, go to Account => Importers from the top bar. Here is a list of all previous imports. To create a new import click \”New Import\”.

Formatting is cruicial to the import. Please make sure that your file is a CSV. It must have a row called \’type\’ that refers to the type of entry on the row (either customer, transaction, or plan). It is also important that there is only one type per file. Currently you CANNOT import both customers and transactions at the same time. All of the accepted attibutes for customers, transactions, and plans are listed on the new importers page.

Redesigned Invoice Emails

We have updated styling for our invoice summary emails that you recieve when issuing an invoice or a reminder. Take a look!