New Domain

We have a new home!

We\’re excited to announce that Paid has moved to a new domain:! From the beginning, Paid has been focused on helping companies manage, scale and ultimately automate their accounts receivable. We started as a simple API that has grown into many new and exciting areas.

The Paid team has begun to build a number of tools on top our APIs that make it easy for anyone, technical or non-technical, to use our product. Paid is also working on some fancy accounts payable tools as well (more on that later).

Our switch to symbolizes our commitment to helping every company and every person therein (engineer or otherwise) get paid. So watch out for emails from a new address, and as always, you can reach us 24/7 at!

P.S. Our old emails and urls will still work for a while. We\’ll help everyone transition their API to the new domain (i.e.