Release December 12th, 2015


Auto Generate Invoices

If you want Paid to automatically create an invoice for each new transaction, enable “Auto Generate” for a customer. Now when you create a transaction through the dashboard or the API, we’ll go ahead and attach it to a new invoice. Note that the invoice will not be issued unless you have also enabled “Auto Issue” for that customer.
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Auto Issue Invoices

You can enable “Auto Issue” in your customer’s settings. When enabled, any new invoice that is generated will automatically be issued. If the invoice or customer is set as “Charge Now,” Paid will charge the customers card. Otherwise, the invoice will be sent to the customer for the normal invoicing workflow.
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Paid allows you to easily manage settings by allowing you to have account-wide and customer-wide defaults. All account-wide settings (editable in your account settings) will be copied down to any new customer. Likewise, any customer-wide settings will be copied down to each newly created invoice for that customer.
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Auto Issue Clarity

We changed the language when generating an invoice in the UI to let you know when it will also be issued (a.k.a. the customer has Auto Issue enabled).