Release: December 9th, 2015


Roll Up Communications

Customer communications sent on the same day can be bundled into one message. With this option selected all future communications, sent on the same day, will be automatically rolled up together into one message.
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Issue Multiple Invoices at Once

When multiple invoices are issueable, we offer the option of issuing all of them at one time. This is done right from the invoice index menu. By issuing all your invoices at once, it is essentially the same as precessing issue now on each individual invoice.
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Reminder Status, Creation, and Deletion

Create reminders to be sent out today. View a reminder status to better guage customer interaction. Delete reminders to create a more custom schedule. This allows them to differ from the default schedule provided by Paid
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Revamp Reminders

Track what emails each reminder sent, expand reminders to track issuing, see when emails were opened/received/bounced. Tracking reminder statuses are: processed, delivered, opened, clicked. You can also create or delete reminders

New Help Center

Visit our new Help Center to find more information on how best to use Paid. Learn how to completely automate your workflow, customize your invoices, and more.
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Marketing Pages Redesign

Redesigned all of our marketing pages and created new style guide for our frontend

Group By for Invoice Generation

Adds a group_by field that when generate_invoice is called, it generates as many invoices as there are unique group_by values


Add Favicon to all Dashboard Pages

Add charge_now override to invoices

Adds a charge_now field to invoices which copies whether or not the customer is billing_type=charge or not. Allows accounts to change the charge_now boolean up until the invoice is issued to determine whether or not it should be automatically charged

Manual credit card retry

Event types added to docs

Reference for various event types have been added to docs under Events section


Cleaned up PDF Formatting

Disallow charging invoices less than 50 cents to Stripe

Stripe requires transactions to be greater than 50 cents in order to process

End of month timezone bug

When calling Transaction.current_month it does not consider the transaction accounts timezone which was set to non-utc. Now we use the accounts time_zone attribute in queries for transactions of the current month

Bank name missing on page after inputting

Fix Signup page in Safari

Some small front end fixes for Safari browser